Lecture & Online Exhibition: Women’s scrapbooks on political and diplomatic activity, Churchill History Lecture Series.



Lecture: Women’s Land Army, North Elmham Archives Group

Lecture: Female Fellers: Women working in the forests of First and Second World War Britain, Bedford Historical Association

Lecture: Online Public History Lecture for second-year History undergraduate students, University of Birmingham

TV Appearance: Britain’s Poppies: The First World War Remembered 

Poetry Reading: Armistice 100 Remembrance Day Service, National Memorial Arboretum

Presentation: Girl Power, International Day of the Girl event, Norwich Castle

Presentation: Global Professional Speakers Series, Syracuse University, London

TV Appearance: Interview for Heir Hunters discussing the role of the Auxiliary Territorial Service in the Second World War.

Newsletter Interview: Royal Historical Society interview on Undergraduate Public History Prize

TV Appearance: Interview for Heir Hunters discussing the role of the Women’s Land Army in the Second World War.

Blog Post – A Spotlight on Dr Shirley Summerskill

Blog Post – Gossip, men, and Victorian politics

Blog Post – Mrs, Dr, MP: Pathé Close-Up of Dr Edith Summerskill


Cherish and her sister on graduation day.

November: Florence Horsbrugh’s First World War National Kitchen’s Scrapbook

Blog Post – Advice for History Freshers: from me to you…

Blog Post – Food Arches and Early Modern Court Festivals

Blog Post – The end of a three year rollercoaster ride

Blog Post – An exciting egg

Blog Post – History and Mystery: The Face of Jane Austen

Paper – Fellings, Photos, and Feelings: The Experience, Representation, and Memory of the Women’s Timber Corps (WTC). Bringing Conflict Home at the University of York.
During the Second World War, forestry work provided one of the most substantial challenges to conventional gender roles on the Home Front as women undertook heavy, manual labour in British forests. Drawing on press photo collections and women’s life writings, this paper considers the experience, representation, and memory of the organisation as part of the wider cultural memory of the Second World War. This paper examines how women’s forestry work was powerfully shaped by its landscape and how this posed particular problems in terms of representation and national identity.

Online Interview – This Cambridge Life

Radio Interview – BBC Radio Cambridgeshire on the Women’s Land Army
Blog Post – See you on the other side…


Blog Post – Wishing blog readers a happy and healthy holiday season

Blog Post – A warm welcome (or welcome back)


Blog Post – Belonging and Transgression Conference Presentation
Tiia, Simon, Holly and Cherish represented the History to the Public team at the UCL ‘Belonging and Transgression’ conference held in London at the end of June. Here we share a summary of key points from our presentation, which looked at the benefits of blogging for young academics.

Blog Post – #Somme100 – commemoration or appropriation?
, , and explore cenentary commemoerations for the Battle of the Somme.

Blog Post – American Women and the Workplace Post-1945
Podcast – On Media, Materiality and Metadata

Blog Post – The Politics of Affluence in 1950s and 1960s Britain


Cherish being filmed for Heir Hunters in December 2015.

Cherish being filmed for Heir Hunters in December 2015.

Television Appearance – Heir Hunters
I participated in an interview for a feature on the Women’s Land Army for BBC Heir Hunters. The team tracked down Eileen Joan Berry, a Land Girl who worked in Warwickshire during the Second World War. As part of the team’s research into her family, I discussed the type of work women undertook and how Eileen’s work on the land was a complete change from her pre-war occupation as a invoice clerk.

Blog Post – 18th century clerical households, the West End and politics: a dynamic Lent term!

Blog Post – HTTPers Conclude Women’s History Month

Blog Post – The 1920s: The Period of Radical Women?

Blog Post – Women’s History Month: a snapshot of Lucy Cavendish College presidents

Blog Post – Sherlock’s ‘The Abominable Bride’: Abominable History?


The Cavendish Chorale performing at Lucy Cavendish's Carol Concert in December 2015.

The Cavendish Chorale performing at Lucy Cavendish College’s Carol Concert in December 2015.

Blog Post – Festive greetings to regular followers of the Lucy blog!

Blog Post – What is Oral History?

Blog Post – Greetings from a second year at Lucy

Blog Post – Learning From Journals: What can we Learn From ‘The Landswoman’?

Blog Post – War Memorial Tour in Cambridge

Blog Post – Suffragette: A Review

Blog Post – Nothing More Than Photo Opportunites?

Blog Post – Women in Politics: Margaret Thatcher’s Leadership in Context

September:Bright Futures Prezi
Blog Post A response to the papers presented at The University in the Antropocene: Higher Education and Community Engagement in Environmental Management.  Published on the GEES network website; a teaching-focused resource for academics in Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences and Norfolk County Council’s Low Carbon Norfolk blog.

Paper – The University in the Anthropocene: Higher Education and Community Engagement in Environmental Management
Bright Futures: Partnerships between Universities, Scholars, and Schools for Environmental and Social Sustainability at the University of Exeter for the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2015.
Presented in partnership with Becca Farnum.

Blog Post- How was the Women’s Land Army viewed in 1944?

Blog Post – Lucy Cavendish College: 50 facts for 50 years

Blog Post – The End of The First Year

The Cavendish Chorale at an away day in Norfolk, who performed their first concert at St Edmund's chapel on the 30th April 2015.

The Cavendish Chorale at an away day in Norfolk, who performed their first concert at St Edmund’s chapel on the 30th April 2015.

Blog Post – UCL Celebrates 5th Anniversary Digital Humanities Inaugural with Susan Hockney Lecture

Blog Post – The First World War Women’s Land Army

Blog Post – The Start of the Easter Term!

Presentation – The First World War Women’s Land Army
A 5-minute snapshot talk at Lucy Cavendish College, in honour of International Women’s Day.

Blog Post Halfway Through?!


First-year historian Cherish Watton bids adieu to the Michaelmas term.

First-year historian Cherish bids adieu to the Michaelmas term in her blog post for the Lucy Cavendish website.

Article – 
Sustainable education: a case study of environmental residentials in Norfolk
A piece written by Rebecca Farnum and Cherish for ‘Beyond 2015’, exploring university engagement with environmental residential programmes.
This dialogue is a companion to Cherish’s presentation to Beyond 2015, addressing Question 4: What partnerships should universities establish to achieve their objectives?
Prezi – Bright Futures: A Norfolk Case-Study

Blog Post The Joy of ‘Bridgemas’

The WW1 Land Girls
An article Cherish advised on, detailing the work of the Land Girls of World War One for Pride Magazine, a local magazine for the areas of Market Harborough, Kettering, Corby and Oundle (p.90).

Blog PostThe First Four Weeks At Lucy

ArticleMy Journey Into Business: Why I Would Never Look Back
An article written reflecting on her journey into business and what she has learnt during 3 years in business.
PreziA visual journey of Cherish’s journey into business.

Cherish Watton showing Countryfile presenter Ellie Harrison an issue of the World War One Women's Land Army and Women's Institute 'The Landswoman'

Cherish showing Countryfile presenter Ellie Harrison an issue of the World War One Women’s Land Army and Women’s Institute ‘The Landswoman’

Television AppearanceDiscussing the birth of the World War One Women’s Land Army on Countryfile
Ellie meets historian Cherish who explains how propaganda was used to entice city women out to farms. Once in the countryside they had to get stuck-in but were rewarded with liberating trouser uniforms and usually found themselves to be more than capable. Ellie is shown photos of Valerie Linder’s mother Dorothy who described her time working for the Land Army as “the happiest days of her life”.


Radio Interview – Energy Education Celebration Event
Cherish was invited to present at the Energy Education Celebration Event at Oxburgh Hall on the 25th November 2013. Cherish presented on her journey into business and how participating in the eFutures programme at Northgate High School and Dereham Sixth Form College led her to set up in business as an eco-consultant. Cherish shared her experiences live on BBC Radio Norfolk.

PresentationMyths and Sustainable Development Thinking
A collaborative activity presented by Cherish, Heli Gittins and Shone Surendran at the National Sustainable Schools Conference 2013, Baden Powell Conference Centre
VideoA video summary of their presentation.

Malene Melbye and Cherish Watton presenting on 'Entrepreneurship with a green focus' at the VENN Project Conference, Norwa

Malene Melbye and Cherish presenting on ‘Entrepreneurship with a green focus’ at the VENN Project Conference, Norway

Presentation – Entrepreneurship with a green focus. Social media in teaching
A presentation by Cherish and Malene Melbye exploring their work on the international partnership project, VENN at the Learning Beyond The Classroom, VENN Conference, Dahlske School, Norway.

PresentationMy Skills and Experiences in Running A Green Business
A Prezi presented by Cherish at the SEEd Policy Forum 



Cherish Watton and Freddie McCarthy greeting the Crown Prince of Norway at the Opening of the Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm.

Freddie McCarthy and Cherish greeting the Crown Prince of Norway at the Opening of the Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm.

ArticleWhat does the green economy mean for you?
A piece written for young people exploring the opportunities which the green economy can hold for their future.

In Praise of the Women’s Land Army
A letter written by Cherish Watton and Dr David Wilson on the Women’s Land Army published in the September 2012 edition of BBC History magazine.

ArticleOpening of the Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm
Cherish’s recount of attending the opening of the Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm by the Crown Prince of Norway.

Radio Interview – Women’s Land Army
Cherish was interviewed by Katie Martin on BBC Radio Solent, discussing the World War Two Women’s Land Army.